How to reconcile John Lennon and Cecil Taylor.
Or Heinrich von Kleist and Captain Beefheart.
Or Donovan and Warne Marsh.
CCR and Ligeti.
What would this sound like?
And who could possibly perform such a thing?
101 Crustaceans.
And they've been doing it for years.
Quietly, under radar, in NYC, but also in Germany, India, France, Hungary.
Only performing, not recording, until now.
The process of recording their entire oeuvre has begun.
They won't stop until done-some 80 songs.
There are four musicians dedicated to this ridiculous task, and
barring apocalypse they will succeed.

Train Bolt Roller, their debut album, is now available.

Ed Pastorini - vocals, guitar, piano

Indigo Street - electric guitar, vocals

Ben Perowsky - drums

Oren Bloedow - bass, vocals

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