ECLIPSE 8cm caliber Full range speaker system TD508MK3BK (Black) (1Unit)【Japan Domestic genuine products】:Your Style - 8a65f

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ECLIPSE 8cm caliber Full range speaker system TD508MK3BK (Black) (1Unit)【Japan Domestic genuine products】
商品名ECLIPSE 8cm caliber Full range speaker system TD508MK3BK (Black) (1Unit)【Japan Domestic genuine products】
商品説明'Product features ★ Improve high sound quality and installability, freely produce comfortable space ● It is a high cost performance model that precisely reproduces the breathing of the artist, the tone unique to the musical instrument, the presence of the studio and the performance venue as well as the top model while being a compact unit with a diameter of 8 cm. ● Newly developed full range speaker unit with improved frequency response and efficiency while improving impulse response Using glass fiber that is adopted in flagship model ”TD 712z MK 2” for diaphragm, high rigidity and moderate internal Maintaining loss and thoroughly eliminating resonance inherent to the material Edges that support the periphery of the diaphragm adopt a butyl rubber with few natural sounds while securing sufficient amplitude. In addition, for the first time in the TD series, in addition to adopting a short ring for a magnetic circuit (center pole), we optimized magnets and voice coils and increased the magnetic flux density from the previous model. ● Eggshell construction (egg-shaped structure) which raised the internal volume and expanded the range, increased the internal volume by about 37%. You can enjoy more rich sound by suppressing the influence of back pressure against the driving of the speaker unit and widening the frequency characteristic band while ensuring a smooth stroke. ● Point contact is realized with three spikes and original special fixed structure. Adopt angle adjustment function which can adjust listening point steplessly more easily than previous model. ● By adjusting the speaker part in the range of -10 degrees to +30 degrees according to the listening environment, more three-dimensional sound field reproduction can be realized. Even at the time of ceiling and wall mounting, easy angle adjustment can. ※ ◆ Detailed description: Newsbridge'


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